Our consultants are respected as Trusted Advisors to our clients. But Trusted Advisor is not a title that is easily achieved or maintained, so we work hard to create and sustain a culture within our company that identifies and exposes the best in everyone associated with us. Our culture cultivates, mentors and rewards professionals to be Thought Leaders in their respective fields . . .
Thought Leaders that exemplify the values and qualities that we set for ourselves.

"Almost 10 years ago I found a company in Q Data, that shared the same values and principles that I had. In my book there is no substitution for honesty and integrity and these are openly displayed in your day to day dealings with all levels of the Q Data team."  Read More

- Kevin Wilson, Q Data Associate Partner, Author, Speaker and founder of ERPgenie.com

"Having over 17 years of SAP experience, countless customers and working at different SAP organizations – working with Q Data for the past 8 years remains refreshing. Their outlook on the market place, deep care of customers and solid commitment to every project or solution differentiates them from the competition and allows me to give my 100% to each and every customer on an ongoing basis without compromise."  Read More

- Wynand Kamstra, Service Delivery Manager

"Joining Q Data was like finding a new home. The company was a perfect fit for my skills and experiences. I started working with customers on the first day and have been afforded the opportunity to use my capabilities to bring meaningful changes and strategic advantages to many different organizations. My co-workers are also extremely talented and warmly embraced me as one of their own, supporting and challenging me along the way."  Read More

- Jeff Devine, Practice Lead for Support on Demand