What we do

We seek solutions to increase the performance of your organization.

Many organizations struggle with this concept due to the fact that solutions are often sought in isolation of the overall business and its strategic goals. In addition, in most times the solution has no measure of success associated with it. These fatal symptoms are why most Implementations, Solutions and even Support are not adopted by the user community.

Finding the right solution is more than just defining the problem and then matching the technology. The true goal needs increase an organization’s level of Implementation Maturity.

Moving an organization through the “gears of maturity” requires an evolution from determining the need for technology and what the technology is, to realizing that the way users adopt the technology and support it should be driven by innovation to bring business value rather than just the cheapest fast option. The objectives should remain focused on:

  • Implementing solutions that allow the business to retain Flexibility, Agility and Scalability
  • Understanding the wider impact that technology decisions have on business
  • Ensuring the best practices are introduced into the organization and remain as close to standard SAP as possible
  • Managing independent thinkers and navigating the “heroes” by introducing a true change management program
  • Ensuring well defined measures of success with user adoption being the highest priority