SAP Event Management

"SAP Event Management - SAP's best kept secret..."
Author: Kevin Wilson

Businesses today operate in a highly distributed, outsourced and networked environment. Globalization is upon us, which means that we have to be more intelligent with the way we operate. We have to collaborate efficiently and effectively and ensure that regulations are enforced during the entire process.

We need to track and trace our products across the end-to-end supply chain measuring performance and reacting to deviations to the plan. We need complete visibility of our end-to-end processes across all the geographical and partner boundaries. We need the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions in our process. We need to head off issues before they become an issue...

With the SAP® Event Management application your company can monitor and manage events across your distributed processes involving partners, inventories and assets. It captures events from your system and your partners’ systems, analyzes them against their predefined plan and alerts or workflows a response to the required people to react if deviations are found.

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