Why the race cars?

We believe that each organization is a finely tuned racing machine waiting to unleash the high performance it can produce ~the perfect balance of power, handling, technology and skill. When all of these things work well together the results are awe-inspiring. When one aspect fails, the results can be hazardous.

Consider the race-track to be the market or industry. As the drivers navigate the race-track at high speeds, they are influenced by many factors; competition (leaders and challengers), changing track conditions (external market conditions), turns on the track (directional changes), weather shifts (global influences), pit stops (daily challenges), crew’s abilities (internal staff), communication (collaboration), driver’s vision and visibility (management information and decision making).

Unfortunately many organizations find themselves stuck in 1st or 2nd gear, unable to perform at their peak due to inadequate technology, lack of innovation or lack of skills or support (see the Maturity Ranking). The leadership team steps on the gas to move the company forward, but all that results is a lot of engine noise and very little movement. This is a measure of low Implementation Maturity.

So you may think that we’re crazy about high performance cars. The truth is that we are crazy about creating high performance and a high degree of Implementation Maturity in your business

Implementation Maturity Chart

Implementation Maturity Chart